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The earth's formation, bioprocesses of every element, microscopic growth, fermentation and oxidation, where one chemical transforms and reacts to another component, inspire me to capture those moments of life and the transforming body. I use pigment from botanical elements, iron, soil and stone as well as fermented and decomposed materials. Thus these paintings are not static; they evolve over time and change in response to the weather.

Title: Untitled_ Medium: Oxidized ink on raw canvas_ Size: 9''/10'' each_ Year:2020

Title: Untitled_ Medium: Soil, fermented and oxidized ink on raw canvas_ Size: 6''6'' Each _Year: 2020

Title: Untitled_ Medium: Spore print on paper_ Size:_11''/9'' Year: 2020

Title: Losing, forming again_ Medium: stone rubbed on raw canvas_ Size: 12''/11'' and variable_ Year: 2018

Title: Untitled_ Medium: Fermented ink on glass_ Size: 5''/5''_ Year: 2018

Title: The broken sun_ Medium: stone dust, mica and soil on raw canvas_ Size:6''/6'' each_ Year:2018

Title: Unintermittent touch_ Medium: rusted found object, paper, water and glass jar_ Size: 9''/9'' and variable _Year: 2017

Title: Interval moment_ Medium: iron, imprint on canvas_ Size: 72''/13'' each_ Year: 2017

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